Top 10 Best Rap Songs about Cheating 2019

2019-11-25 03:44:59     Posted by Amanda


Summary: Here’s a list of top 10 best rap songs about cheating that you’d like to tune into for some time! Here we also recommend you a tool to download these rap songs.

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Heartbreak becomes an understatement when you discover a cheating partner in a relationship. It breaks your heart into a million pieces and there is no quick-fixing something this hurtful. If you have been cheated on by your womanor man, here’s a list of top 10 best rap songs about cheating that you’d like to tune into for some time!




The Weekend – ‘Call Out My Name’

Written and sung by the Canadian songwriter and rapper, The Weekend, this song is quite the heart melt! It belongs to his first EP known as My Dear Melancholy. The song is a recent addition to Weekend’s exhaustive list of exceptional songs and melodies. This one has been produced by Frank Dukes and composed by Abel Tesfaye, Adam Feeney, and Nicolas Jaar. It has managed to secure gold, silver and platinum certifications across different regions. Going through a breakup? Plug in your headphones!

rap song about cheating


Cardi B – ‘Careful’

This is another purely sung out of hurt, and heartbreak is a single by Cardi B. This song takes inspiration for her past relationship with Almanzar that did not end so well! It has been produced by Frank Dukes, Vinylz, and Boi-1da. The song revolves around infidelity and it has been released as part of Cardi B’s debut album – Invasion of Privacy. It’s a real ear-pleaser and you ought to give it a listen!

rap song about cheating


Machine Gun Kelly – ‘The Breakup’

‘The Breakup’ features a high-profile relationship that ended in tears, heartbreak and hurt. It has been composed and sung by Machin Gun Kelly, who debuted his first album back in 2017. The song makes you forget everything all at once and reconsider what you could be doing wrong in your current relationship. It’s that powerful!

rap song about cheating


SZA ft. Travis Scott – ‘Love Galore’

The popular American singer SZA has paired with rapper Travis Scott to create this single that came out in April 2017. It combines genres like alternative R&B and hip-hop/rap, securing its position amongst this rap songs about cheating list. It has been produced by Carter Lang and ThankGod4Cody. It belongs to SZA’s debut studio album – CTRL. It managed a Grammy nomination during 2017.

rap song about cheating


Beyoncé – ‘Irreplaceable’

Beyoncé’s album – B’Day features this song that combines elements of pop and R&B in a lyrical bliss. The song has been produced by Beyoncé herself, along with help from StarGate and Ne-Yo. This song revolves around an unfaithful relationship while sending out a very strong message about women empowerment to all young and in-love ladies!

rap song about cheating


Eminem ft. Rihanna – ‘Love the Way You Lie’

‘Love the way you lie’ brings in a classic duo of rapper - Eminem and the Barbadian singer - Rihanna. It came out in 2010, combining amalgam of hip-hop and rap, and Rihanna on the chorus. This song has been produced by Alex da Kid and Makeba Riddick. It has been written by Eminem, but the story narrated by the song is Alex’s personal anecdote of a past relationship.

rap song about cheating


Nicki Minaj – ‘I Lied’

Nicki Minaj, the otherwise upbeat and breaking stereotypical singer has released this song as part of her third studio album – The Pink Print. The verses have been written by Onika Miraj, Ester Dean, and Marcus Bell, while production has been shouldered by Mike Will Made It. The song was released in 2014 and secured number-37 ranking in the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

rap song about cheating


Drake – ‘Marvin’s Room’

This one is from the Canadian artist Drake’s second studio album, also called Take Care. The track is a mix of muted bass, alternative R&B, and down-tempo. Released in 2011, this digital download talks about Drake ranting about his frustrations and loneliness by calling up an ex-partner. Soon after release, the track peaked at number-21 in the US Billboard Hot 100.

rap song about cheating


Eamon – ‘I Don’t Want You Back’

Another from the list of rap songs about cheating girlfriends is this melt-down by Eamon. Written and sung by the American artist Eamon Doyle, this track came out in 2003 and secured top position in music charts across different countries including America, Netherlands, and Italy. It has been produced by Milk Dee and it is pure R&B.

rap song about cheating


Kanye West ft. John Legend – ‘Blame Game’

From Kanye’s fifth studio album, this track features John Legend and Chris Rock. It came out in 2010, combining genres such as hip-hop, R&B and a monologue by Chris Rock. It meanders through the themes of unrequited love, abuse, and heartbreak. It’s the ideal rap song about cheating in a relationship and factors leading up to it!

rap song about cheating


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